Mountain Mala


Wear this Mountain Mala throughout daily life to keep you grounded and connected through nature and love.


Mossy Agate, Howlite and Madre De Cacao.


Howlite & Mossy Agate complemented with Madre De Cacao

-Wear this one of a kind mala daily to keep you connected to nature, calm a restless mind and dig deep for inspiration.

Handmade in Whistler, BC – O N E of a K I N D

Custom Orders Available.

M o s s y A g a t e – connects you to nature while keeping you grounded in daily activities.

H o w l i t e – calms the mind, eases anxiety and deepens meditation while reducing insomnia.

M a d r e D e C a c a o – this beautiful wood is grown in tropical and subtropical countries, use it to ground down deep and connect with the earth.

Caring for your mala:

Malas need to be cared for gently, avoid wearing your mala for strenuous activity. To cleanse your mala you can gently wipe it with a damp cloth. Avoid getting your Mala wet, especially wooden stones as they can crack and fade overtime. You can also cleanse the stones in your mala by placing them on a Quartz Cluster or under the full moon on your windowsill to charge the gemstones.


Items are shipped via Canada Post in Canada and the United States, orders overseas will be shipped with Air Mail. Rock The Feather is not responsible for customs taxes and duties.

Returns Exchanges

If for some reason you are unsatisfied or there has been an error with your purchase contact me within 7 days of receiving your item and we can work out a solution.

Broken Malas:
In the rare case that your mala breaks I will re string for free within 90 days of purchase, buyer must pay for shipping costs. If it is past the 90 day period please message me and I can arrange a restringing of your mala for a small fee.


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