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Prosperity Mala


Essential Oil Yoga Mala

Wear this handmade made mala to invite prosperity into your life while diffusing your favourite essential oils daily!

Aventurine, Rudraksha Seeds and Lava Stones.

This stunning handmade Essential Oil Mala represents strength and prosperity.

This mala is was created with love and attunement. Wearing this mala will allow you to deepen your practice and connect to your divine self.

Featuring :

A v e n t u r i n e

Wear these beauties to bring luck and prosperity into your life, release negative blockages and and inspire creativity.

R u d r a k a s h a Seeds

These beautiful beads are indeed seeds from India, they have wonderful calming properties and are known as the Lord Shiva’s Tears. Wear them to deepen your practice and connect to the Devine.

L a v a Stones

This ancient volcanic rock inspires strength in the wearer and wards off negativity. Use these beads and the triangle shaped one at the bottom to naturally diffuse essential oils on all day long for a lasting and uplifting smell.

The Mala

Each Mala is handcrafted with care and attention put into every piece. All malas have 108 beads and can be used for Mantra, Prayer and Meditation and worn to adorn you in your Spiritual Journey.

Caring for your mala:

Malas need to be cared for gently, avoid wearing your mala for strenuous activity. To cleanse your mala you can gently wipe it with a damp cloth. Avoid getting your Mala wet, especially wooden stones as they can crack and fade overtime. You can also cleanse the stones in your mala by placing them on a Quartz Cluster or under the full moon on your windowsill to charge the gemstones.


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