Heart Remedy Mala


Wear this heart centered mala necklace to open the heart chakra to love and share it with others while releasing that which no longer serves you.

Made of all 8mm stones this beautiful necklace sits lower around the naval area.

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Heart Remedy Mala

This beautiful 108 bead Mala Necklace combines all that the heart yearns for and more. This mala features Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Selenite and Sesame Jasper throughout with a stunning Rose Quartz guru bead on the end.

Wear this mala for all matters of the heart, invite love into your life, share love with others and release that which no longer serves you. Sesame Jasper provides a nurturing energy to support during stressful times and nurture the body and spirit, it is also a useful stone for overcoming negative tendencies. Rose Quartz and Rhodonite both act on the heart chakra allowing you to open your heart to love and radiate it with others, releasing that which no longer serves you. Rose Quartz is also a beneficial stone for those wishing to conceive. Selenite has protective qualities and helps shift emotions and clear blockages through the upper chakras.



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